Maria Pia Mosquera 

b. 1977 Bogotá, Colombia 

My recent work explores our ambiguous relationship with death through oneiric imagery that challenges the macabre with whimsical humour and invites reflection on our everyday lives. Rooted in the aesthetics of medieval and Latin-American colonial art, my work wryly re-imagines the contemporary world through the lens of religious iconography and Colombian folklore, vestiges from a time when the power of the supernatural to intervene in our lives was taken to be self-evident.

68th Blake Art Prize finalist 2024


2024 – The Blake Art Prize 2024 – Casula Powerhouse

2024 – Beautiful-Evil Things – Rogue Pop-Up Gallery, Sydney Australia

2022 – Tricky Tricky – Disorder Gallery, Sydney Australia

2021 – Fright Night – Picknchews Pop Up Street Gallery, Sydney Australia

2021 – The Penitents – Disorder Gallery, Sydney Australia

2021 – Marvelous Art Gallery, Istanbul Turkey (online) 

Marvelous Dark Artist's Book

“Dark Art Movement” Book excerpt

Is an art movement resorted to by artists who prefer to express their thoughts and feelings in mysterious ways. In this field of art, artists provide us the opportunity to observe those thoughts that we don't like to think about in our daily lives from a different point of view. This mysterious place is a little dark, a little twisted but it has a magnetic aura that draws us in.

Marvelous Art Gallery September Magazine

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